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Baggage: sculptural book baggage: page view

Letterpress: wood type and photopolyer on laminated plastic bags.
Woven deli bag covers.
Sculptural book: one-of-a-kind.
New York, NY 2012

Bagage: plastic book edition

Letterpress: wood type and photopolyer on laminated plastic paper.
Plexiglass covers with metal ring binding.
In edition of 5.
New York, NY 2012




Hybrid Land installation

Hybrid Land
Poems by Joel Brouwer & Shin Yu Pai
Letterpress: collagraph (corn husks and soy bean leaves),
pressure printing, woodcuts, photopolymer, wood type.
Bamboo covers with sik screen title.
Ethiopian-style Link Stitch binding
In edition of 40 with 5 artist proofs
Gordo, AL 2011

hybrid land open

Hybrid Land is a limited edition artist book which revolves around ecological themes, bringing into question our culture's manipulation of crops and our interaction with the environment. The imagery is based on plant forms including genetically modified crops such as soy and corn, utilizing the effects of transparent inks through a collage-like layering of woodcuts, collagraph blocks, and pressure printing techniques.

hybrid land open

With vibrant colors and imagery relfecting the beauty in nature, the interwoven text by poets Joel Brouwer and Shin Yu Pai expresses the darker implications crop modification has in our lives. Brouwer's text which includes exceprts from Thoreau's 'Bean Field' chapter in Walden, is printed on a series of fold-out pages. With reference to classical mythology and TV reality, this text is about the separation between ourselves and nature, a loss of cultural knowledge and history. Pai's text is interwoven throughout the book, acting as the final collage layer on top of plant imagery. Drawing a palpable connection between food and memory, Pai's text asks us to recall food from the market and from our memories.

This book was printed on 100% PCF paper from Neenah Papers. Handbound with bamboo veneer paneling, a rapidly renewable resource.


Installation image
heirloom closed Heirloom cover

Handmade abaca paper with embedded heirloom seeds from Native Seed SEARCH.
(bean varieties, corn, amaranth, wild rice, teosinte), drawing, carved pine covers.
Edition: One-of-a-kind

The genetic diversity of the world's food crops is eroding at an unprecedented and accelerating rate. The vegetables and fruits currently being lost are the result of thousands of years of adaptation and selection in diverse ecological niches around the world. Each variety is genetically unique and has developed resistance to the diseases and pests with which it evolved. Plant breeders use the old varieties to breed resistance into modern crops that are constantly being attacked by rapidly evolving diseases and pests. Without these infusions of genetic diversity, food production is at risk from epidemics and infestations.
--Seed Savers Exchange:




Handmade abaca paper with embedded food packaging.
Tape binding with woven food packaging covers.
Edition: One-of-a-kind.



Poem by Andrew Zawacki
Letterpress: drawings, photopolymer.

zerogarden open

Cicadas telexing om, om
& twinflower & tomahawk
in Fata
Mornana nee South Carolina,
as riffles along the
Riemann surface-blades of
tafeta, soapstone
flensed-of earth the only
ardor toward an earth:
sapphirical, dragged
from up the lagan
dark to blossom at/ dawn & to
blazon by dusk
(excerpt from Zerogarden by Andrew Zawacki)





Flip book: time lapse illustration.
Letterpress and collagraph (soybean leaves and corn husks).
4.25 x 2"




Lithography, double pamphlet book.
3 ¾ x 7 ½” (closed)



Egg and Dart

Egg and Dart

Text by Peter Spagnuolo
(poem in 10 sections)
Linoleum cut cover illustration, photopolymer text and scratch negative interior illustration. Double-pamphlet binding.
5 x 9"
Spring 2010
Printed in Edition of 50.

How to carve it: run your stock
through the quarter-round shaper,
leaving a step-up to the top edge,
then scribe on the curved face of the thing
your line of ova.

Now remove with your gouge
the matter below the egg
to give it relief, the shadow deepening
between the lobes:

here you can put away the mallet,
the rest is handwork—
a flat-edge chisel
cuts the interstitial arrow-points,
the tongues, the darts, the teeth
embouching each new cell
in the panting drama of ornament.

      Repeat. Then repeat some more.

(excerpt from Egg and Dart, In Bocca al Lupo)


Father's Anxiety

about the poem:

The “occasion” of the poem—in Thom Gunn’s sense, the jumping-off place,
or the facts and conditions to which the poet would stay true—is a day
I spent walking in the Roman city at Ba’albek, in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley,
where I had gone to see the Bacchus Temple. A man vending little
thimbles of cardamom-spiced coffee amid the ruins—dressed nattily,
in a threadbare, dark blue three-piece suit frosted with dust—chatted
with me in English, French and Arabic. He noted my interest in the
temple’s doorway carvings, and suddenly said, “You see! the eggs and
the teeth! Life and Death!” Nearly the whole poem tumbled out in its
parts that day, walking around—poets famously love ruins, after all.
I thought particularly about a carpentry job I had done some months
earlier, installing what seemed like miles of expensive oak crown molding
in a fancy Manhattan apartment, in egg-and-dart pattern, fussing over
mitered corners, at various angles, and how the classical tropes that
for us have become decorative and banal, retain their powers still,
as explanatory symbology. The rest of the poem’s elements recoup the
various anxieties of parenting, a search for spiritual meaning, career,
erotic fog, and the onset of middle age—the business going on in my life
at that time—and together create a minor, dark wood moment.

~Peter Spagnuolo, 2010





Sliver of Salt is a bi-lingual letterpress printed edition
with poems by Slovenian author, Ales Debeljak.
Translation by Andrew Zawacki and the author.
Size: 4 5/8" x 8 1/4"

Pamphlet-stitch, tri-fold accordion structure. Housed in a hand-sewn, natural linen bag with drawstring closure and letterpress label. Covers soaked in salt water.

open book


The book revolves around three poems: opening with Hymn to the Favorite City, a melancholic poem thick with memory, an anchoring or beginning point. Next is the moment of transformation with Metamorphosis of Pain, which oscillates between that of consciousness and inevitability. Angels, Close Relatives completes the triad, with a sense of lapsed time and lightness in being.



Printed drawings of a sinking boat, birds in flight, and a jacket hovering off the pages edge echo the lucid qualities of the text while a hand drawn river that transforms into air, connects the sections from beginning to end.

It is the quality of Debaljak’s writing, the bending of words that give magical qualities to the ordinary, transforming and blending the real with the magical, encompassing the general with the self-reflective.

The book can be viewed as a codex style, page by page, or extended into the triptych/accordion form as three interacting sections. The book is intended to be viewed differently depending on the viewer. One can solely focus on the text, the illustrations, or a combination of the two like a multi-section exquisite corpse.




even the birds were on fire...

even the birds were on fire….for the victims of violence
Paper edition of 150. (shown)
Prayer Flag Edition. Edition of 6.
Published in 2001.

A book of poetry fragments with a minute-to-minute timeline
of the 9/11 events. With writing by Shane Beversdorf, Amy Ferrara, Sara Parkel, Esther Smith, and others.