filter press

I began Filter Press in 1994 for the exploration of artist books and printed matter. This encompasses artwork, professional printing and binding (including freelance design, book binding, printing, book restoration, illustration, and teaching).

The press name derived from a combination of the definition of "filter" with my creative process… the siphoning of unnecessary details and boiling an idea down to its bare essentials, making it tangible.


filter press

As a printmaker and book artist I tap into the historical aspects of craftsmanship while expressing a contemporary viewpoint. My work is influenced by my mid-western roots with an appreciation for nature and straightforward design. My approach is simple: aiming to find an integration of content, structure, and materials. I draw inspiration from my environment, current events, global culture and politics.

I find that printmaking and artist books as a means to convey my ideas is appropriate, not only because the possibilities are limitless, but the object itself becomes a tactile and personal experience for the viewer. I use a variety of printmaking techniques including letterpress, relief printing, collagraph, monoprint, lithography, drawing, and collage.

My recent work revolves around ecological and sustainable themes, including a series of prints that are based on plant forms and their structure at the cellular level. The imagery is both real and suggested.




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